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SAVE OUR SERVICES – help CAUK raise £30,000 in their COVID-19 recovery fund.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a significant role in radically reshaping the work we do. Our team has worked tirelessly to respond to the crisis, and we’ve been able to successfully adapt and expand our services to cater for the growing number of people seeking information and support. Demand for our services is higher than ever, at a time where saturation of applicants means it has become is more and more difficult to secure funding. We need your help!

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New Peer-to-Peer Support Opportunity!

We’re looking for patients, family members or carers affected by cavernoma to join our peer-to-peer support scheme, “CaverBuddies”.
Our next CaverBuddy training will be held for members of CAUK via Zoom on May 19th at 2pm.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Angioma Alliance!

Our sister organisation in the US celebrates 20 years today! We wanted to say a huge congratulations to the team for all that they have accomplished and contributed to care and research, and to the international cavernoma community.

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What our members say...

CAUK and all its members have made me feel ‘normal’. I am among people who know exactly how I feel. It’s as simple as that. I am not a person with a rare condition here, I am part of a group of people with the same condition. In real life I might never meet someone with a cavernoma,but here everyone has one/many. So I’m not an oddity here.
Lorna, Scotland
Member since 2014
CAUK is incredible. It provides invaluable support online, an informative website with vital information, access to professional opinions and face to face meetings at events, amazing lectures and the opportunity to meet others who have experienced cavernoma.
A world without CAUK doesn’t bear thinking about!
Abi, Surry
Member since 2012

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