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Fundraising Ideas

An important way in which members, supporters and the general public can help CAUK is by organising a fundraising event.

This is a fun and rewarding way to bring your friends, family and local community together whilst doing something special for our charity at the same time.

It could also be an opportunity for you to try something different or meet new people while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

What is a cavernoma?

If you are going to organise your own event and raise funds for CAUK, please let us know. 

We will send you some CAUK merchandise such as T-shirts, pens, badges and balloons. We are very grateful to all those who send us money or take part in fundraising events to raise funds.

Thank you for your support of CAUK. 

Local Fundraising

An important way in which members, supporters and the general public can help CAUK is by organising a fundraising event.

This is a fun and rewarding way to bring your friends, family and local community together whilst doing something special for our charity at the same time. It could also be an opportunity for you to try something different or meet new people while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Would you like to raise some money and have fun at the same time? Organise your own event, or set up a JustGiving page.

From ideas to resources we’re with you every step of the way.

Three ladies organising a cake sale, stand in front of table full of cakes.
Tabitha Bushill finishing the New York Marathon wearing a CAUK t-shirt

Events & Challenges

There are many ways you can raise funds for CAUK by taking on an athletic, sporting or active challenge. You can take part in a running, walking, cycling, or swimming events or try a challenge activity to raise money.

There are many sporting challenges and events to enter. Our fundraisers have climbed Britain’s mountain peaks, run in marathons, cycled many miles and skydived. What challenge would you like to take on to raise money for CAUK?

Once you have chosen an event, why not set up your own online fundraising page via JustGiving. Fundraising pages are quick and straight forward to set up and your family, friends and work colleagues can easily make donations to your page to support you.

Take on a challenge and raise money for to help people living with cavernoma.

Corporate Fundraising

Find out how your business can help people living with cavernoma.

It’s about what we can do together.

From a one off event, to Charity of the Year, we have something to suit.

vertical view of office blocks against a blue sky
school girl carrying school books in a classroom with other students seated

 Some popular ideas are:

  •  Non-uniform day
  • Theme/character dress up day
  • Wear a hat day
  • School party
  • Unwanted items /toy sale
  • University/college RAG week donation
  • University/college wacky hair day
  • Easter or Christmas charity collection

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Cavernoma Alliance UK (CAUK) values the fundraising support received from community groups, schools, colleges and universities.  As a national charity, CAUK has projects and activities organised throughout Britain which are helped through locally raised funds.

All age groups from very young children to the elderly can develop a cavernoma, which can cause serious symptoms. Children, teenagers, and adults can have single or multiple cavernoma anywhere in the brain or spinal cord. Treatments may require medication, radiotherapy, and surgery. 

Please consider fundraising to help children, families, adults or the elderly.

There are many ways in which schools, colleges or universities can raise funds for CAUK.


A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

  • Afternoon Tea: Host at home or village hall. Triangular sarnies and cake. What a treat.
  • Auction: Ask friends and family to donate items and donate percentage of the profits.
  • Bake off: Challenge your friends to a bake off and sell the results!
  • Barn Dance: Host a barn dance or a ball. Tickets to include entertainment & refreshments.
  • Bonfire night party: Host a party and BBQ. Donations on door or charge entry. 
  • Bingo: Host a night of bingo. Cash prizes and percentage donated.
  • BAG pack: Get a group of friends and approach a local supermarket to help at checkouts.
  • Bucket collection: At a local event or supermarket. Permissions need to be obtained.
  • Casino night: Bring Vegas to your home and host a casino night in a hall or at home.
  • Christmas Sponsorship: Ask family and friends to donate to CAUK instead of cards.
  • Cocktail night: Create your own cocktails, invite your friends and ask for donations.
  • Dance off: Ask people to fundraise to participate in a 24-hour marathon.
  • Dog walking: Why not walk the neighbourhood dogs in exchange for donations?
  • Ebay: Donate a percentage of your sales on Ebay.
  • Exercise lessons:, An afternoon where participants can donate to receive a lesson.
  • Easter Egg hunt: Lots of chocolate and add in the children for a great event
  • Fashion show: Sell tickets to your friends/family to see you and your pals strut your stuff.
  • Fishing competition: Get them hooked and charge for entry.
  • Five a side football: Charge teams to enter at a local venue. Offer refreshments.
  • Golf tournament: Host an event and Enlist the help of your local club.
  • Guess the weight: Donations to o guess the weight of a cake, your dog, or a jar of marbles.
  • Garden Party: Charge admission, offer refreshments, sell crafts and other things.
  • Give up something you like: Chocolate Bars, Beer or burgers. Your choice to get sponsored.
  • Haunted house event: Charge an entry to people to come and get scared (house/hall)
  • Head shave: Sponsored Head shave
  • Hour of pay: Donate an hour of pay and get colleagues on board to do the same.
  • Indoor cycling (Spinning) : Ask a local gym or Spin studio to set up a class or marathon spin
  • It’s a knockout: Set up games & get teams to enter. Charge admission or entry fees.
  • Jumble sale: Hire a Local hall. Charge per table for sellers, admission for buyers. Refreshments
  • Jazz night: Maybe with local musicians at a indoor/outdoor venue.
  • Jeans at work/school day: Wear jeans to work or at school or to the office.
  • Karaoke night: Host at a local bar or village hall. Charge an entry fee for budding crooners and also tickets to watch.
  • Line dance: Put on a line dancing evening and charge an entry fee.
  • Local artists auction: An art auction consisting of work donated entirely by local artists
  • Loose change collection: Set up a collection point and cash in!.
  • Murder Mystery night: Hire hall use Am Dram group .Serve supper & provide a bar.
  • Night at the museum: Persuade a local museum to allow an overnight event.
  • Non-uniform day: Can be school or office (dress down day)
  • Open mic. At a local pub, club village hall. Admission and entry fee and sell refreshments..
  • Pet show: Local village hall and any pet can take part.
  • Personal challenge: Set up your own challenge and get sponsors.
  • Pampering event: Ask your friends & Enlist help of local beautician & offer treatments
  • Quiz/Trivia night: Local pub or village hall. Charge team entry, refreshments/prizes.
  • Relay race. Put a fresh spin the traditional 5K or 10K and turn it into a team relay race.
  • Raffle: At an event or online
  • Raise £2021 in 2021: Challenge your friends to raise £2021 in 2021
  • Race night: Interactive horse race night at local hall
  • Run: Whether 5K, 10K or a marathon. Get yourself sponsorship or run as a team.
  • Silent Auction: Plan a silent auction or add it to an existing fundraising event
  • Skydive: Not for the faint hearted. Get friends to join in. Local company to sponsor?
  • Sponsored Shhhhh!: Keeping quiet for a period of time. Always good for the children!
  • Swear box: Always a good one in the office.
  • Sweets in a jar: Easy for office or school. £1 a go and winner gets the jar!
  • Swimming: Hold a swimathon do 2021 lengths as a team for 2021.
  • Table top sale: Local hall. Charge per table & on admissions. Refreshments.
  • Treadmill relay: Ask a local gym to get this idea up and running (pun intended).
  • Treasure Hunt: Organise a route locally with prizes (either by car, bike or foot)
  • Tuck shop: For the office with a sweet tooth! Donate profits to CAUK.
  • Used Book Sale: Ask for donations of used books to sell at the event.
  • Unwanted present day: Sell on Facebook, at a car boot or raffle off at an event.
  • Variety show: Get your friends to perform and sell tickets. No talent too small!
  • Walk to work: Get the office/school/workplace involved. Donate petrol/travel costs saved
  • Washing cars. Get the children involved. Serve refreshments whilst drivers wait.
  • Wine tasting & supper: Get local bar/restaurant/shop to donate wine. Sell tickets.
  • X factor show: Host in hall. Get friends together & either charge for earplugs or entry!!
  • X marks the spot: Find hidden treasure. £1 a square. Percentage of proceeds to winner.
  • Yard sale: Car boot. Charge per car (local field/carpark & with permission). Buyer admission.
  • Year long challenge: Set a year long sponsored challenge ie Get fit, lose weight, stop smoking.
  • Zip wire: Get yourself sponsorship to ride the zip wire!
  • Zoo night: Similar to night at museum.

For emotional and practical support please contact us, please see our contact page