Therapy Services

Founded in 2005, our aim is to provide support and information for all those affected by cavernoma including friends, family, carers and professionals.

We offer a range of therapy services, including both one-to-one and small-group sessions, for members affected by cavernoma. 

Our Therapy Services

At CAUK we understand that the effects of living with cavernoma go beyond just the physical symptoms; coping with this chronic condition can affect your mental and emotional wellbeing too. 

Whether you have a cavernoma yourself or care for someone that does, life can often feel exhausting and overwhelming.

That’s why we offer a range of therapy services, including both one-to-one and small-group sessions, for members affected by cavernoma.

Our therapy services are run by fully qualified therapists, Robyn Hughes and Fiona Holiday, who are experienced in working with cavernoma patients, as well as parents, siblings and carers. .

For more information about what we offer and our upcoming sessions please see our events page or  email us at

Meet the Therapist - Robyn Hughes

Hello – Robyn here!

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone connected with CAUK. From what I have learnt so far, CAUK seems like such a positive charity.

I am delighted to be invited to offer 1:1 talking support/counselling to parents/carers, and older young people who feel it might be useful. Sharing “our stuff” with someone whom we feel at ease with can be immensely powerful. Knowing that whatever we “bring” won’t be shared with anyone else and explored in a way that is creative, comfortable and safe.

I am a fully qualified, and experienced counsellor, who has had the privilege of “sitting with” many people over my time in private practice. I also work within a community interest company that offers projects to young, and not so young people, all living with various conditions (chronic fatigue, memory problems).

I came to counselling relatively later on in life, (following on from a particularly difficult time with family health problems and a new baby). I accessed counselling for myself and found it so beneficial in terms of helping me learn what I was feeling and ways to connect to, and understand, my anxieties, stress, sadness etc. in a compassionate way.

I have a deep personal and professional interest in how it might feel to “live with” a condition (such as cavernoma), and the impact this can have on life, both for the person living with it, and for those affected by the condition (family and friends). There will be both tricky and positive impacts. Having the chance to explore all of the feelings connected to this experience feels really valuable.

Meet the Therapist - Fiona Holliday

I am a Play and Creative Arts Therapist, passionate about the power of play for well being and development. I’m also a former teacher and local authority education advisor, specialising in the personal, social and emotional development and support for children with additional needs, so have an interest in how educational settings support children and families. I offer speaking, training and consultancy to Early Years settings, schools and other organisations that work with children and families which covers a range of topics including play, behaviour, trauma, the importance of relationships and well being.

I have been working with Caverfamilies for the past couple of years and it has been so great to meet with people at the residentials they offer. I usually offer a space for children and parents to play, explore stories and talk about anything they might want to bring.
I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with people over time and this has been invaluable during the pandemic where remote working has become necessary.

I work closely with Robyn and the recent work we have done hosting Peer Support Groups online has taught me a great deal. It has been such a privilege to get to know people and see relationships form and grow over the weeks we meet together.

I am offering hour long video consultations to parents which are a space for parents to talk about challenges and concerns relating to their children, their behaviour, relationships and emotional well being. It is an opportunity to think together about what may be going on, look at what may be helping, reflect on what might be difficult and explore ideas about what might help.

I am very interested in how we can support schools and other organisations to understand the needs of children and young people and would be interested in doing some work around this. I’m also thinking about creative opportunities which can be so helpful in allowing people to express their feelings and thoughts and how we can facilitate this.

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