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A CaverBuddy is a voluntary role within CAUK. They provide confidential emotional and practical support for other members who may be dealing with the direct and indirect effects of cavernoma. 

The  Support is based on the idea that the person best placed to understand you is the person who has been through similar experiences themselves


What are CaverBuddies?

Living with cavernoma can be confusing and overwhelming. The physical and mental effects of cavernoma can leave you or people you care about dealing with emotional stress. CAUK established a CaverBuddy programme to enable our members to give and receive peer-to-peer support.

You can help CAUK and fellow members by volunteering to support another member. Or if you’re newly diagnosed or need additional support – we can provide access to a range of volunteer CaverBuddies willing to help and support you.

Please note: the CaverBuddy programme is only available to  residents of the UK, Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland.

Applying for a CaverBuddy

How it works

If you or someone you know wishes to talk to or meet someone who has experienced life with cavernoma and is in a similar situation, you’re in the right place.

All enquiries and details are treated confidentially and we will only set up a CaverBuddy contact after permissions from both parties has been given.

You do not have to have a cavernoma to use the CaverBuddy programme – it is open to ALL affected by cavernoma, whether you are a family member, carer or friend as long as you are a resident of the UK, Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland.

Would you like a CaverBuddy?

If you feel you would benefit from having a CaverBuddy, please get in touch at

Becoming a CaverBuddy Volunteer

Interested in becoming a CaverBuddy Volunteer?

If you feel you could offer someone support in dealing with cavernoma and are interested in volunteering your time we would welcome you getting in touch with us using the Contact Us section below.

What does a CaverBuddy Volunteer do?

CaverBuddies offer compassion, empathy and a listening ear, to help you deal with the feelings and concerns that may come with living with a cavernoma, either as the individual directly affected or as a carer or family member.

Mostly support will require a telephone conversation, email or text message, not face to face contact.

Becoming a CaverBuddy

First we ask that all CaverBuddies become CAUK members. You can join here.

For everyone’s safety, and as a CAUK Volunteer you will be asked to have a DBS check even if you already have one, this will be paid for by CAUK. You will also receive a Two Part Training Programme.

We offer you full support as a Volunteer.  You will have access to our Coordinator of Volunteers who you can speak to for any questions. We will also give you training a Peer Supporter booklet for reference.

Still interested?

If you like to volunteer as a CaverBuddy, please get in touch at

For emotional and practical support please contact us, please see our contact page