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We aim to support people affected by cavernoma in a number of ways from providing information, putting them in contact with others, hosting events or simply being on the end of the telephone for a chat.

Support for you

If you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with cavernoma it can be a worrying and confusing time.

It might be a relief to have a diagnosis that explains symptoms previously experienced, or something totally unexpected.

We aim to support you by offering as much information as we can about living with cavernoma and signposting you about where to go and what to do next. 

Perhaps you might have questions to ask your medical specialist or you don’t understand what they have said. Some people find it useful to have this list of questions to ask their neurologist or neurosurgeon when they visit. CAUK has developed special relationships with medical experts in the field of cavernoma. These experts often give up their valuable time to speak at our events to tell our members more about advances in the diagnosis and management of cavernoma.

Our services

Telephone Support

Email our helpline and we'll arrange to call you back

Email Support

You can reach us via email at any time, and we aim to respond as quickly as possible

Events & Annual Forum

We organise multiple events around the country


On going peer support when you need it most

Professional Lectures

Presentation and research events around the country

Meet Ups

Join us, and members from your local area for a coffee & chat


Online meetings, presentations & chats providing information & advice


Therapy for adults, children and carers to work though concerns

Carers Support

Support, chat and advice for carers of those with cavernoma

Telephone & Email Support

If you need to talk to us for information or support, our details are below. We will always do our very best to help and support you, please remember we are unable to offer specific medical advice.

For emotional and practical support please contact us, please see our contact page


More than ever before, we need to rely on our community, to get through this stressful time.

Coping with a rare condition such as a cavernoma can feel isolating at the best of times, and how much more so with this current health situation.

But although we are physically isolated, we don’t have to stay socially isolated. As a community, we can still connect, and help each other out.

Have a look at the webinars and chats listed below. More to come!

woman organising an event with two friends

Annual Forum

The CAUK Forum is always an exciting event. The Forum brings together members from all over the country enabling them to exchange valuable information and ideas in a unique and safe environment.

Where possible the Forum is a residential experience, with on campus accommodation and lunches and evening meals for socialising. 

The Forum hosts a range of important speakers, from medical specialists, to members recounting their experiences. Often, we’re able to host workshops for member and an expert panel for questions and answers.


What are CaverBuddies?

Living with cavernoma can be confusing and overwhelming. The physical and mental effects of cavernoma can leave you or people you care about dealing with emotional stress too. CAUK is establishing the CaverBuddies programme to enable our members to give and receive peer-to-peer support.

How it works

If you or someone you know wishes to talk to or meet someone who has experienced life with cavernoma and is in a similar situation, please contact us.

All enquiries and details are treated confidentially and we will only set up a CaverBuddy contact after permissions from both parties has been given.

You do not have to have a cavernoma to use the CaverBuddy programme – it is open to ALL affected by cavernoma, whether you are a family member, carer or friend.

Interested in becoming a Caverbuddy?

Click the button below to find out more about becoming a caverbuddy volunteer or requesting a caverbuddy.

Professional Lectures

people sitting listening to a presentation

Our lecturers are meetings for people affected by cavernoma that take place throughout the year in different locations.

The Lecturers are an excellent opportunity for members, patients and the general public to gain valuable information about cavernoma, through presentations delivered by neurosurgeons and other specialists, socialise with other members and share their experiences and form friendships through a mutual understanding of the condition.

Guest speakers are available for questions and answers, in both a group discussion and occasionally one to one (this is at the discretion of the speaker).

Members often find answers to questions they haven’t had the opportunity or courage to ask previously. 


Our primary aim at CAUK is to provide those affected by cavernoma with relevant and up-to-date information and support.  you can access this support via many channels, including online via our ‘CAUK Virtual Support Series’. 

We host regular webinars on a variety of topics so that our cavernoma community can get together easily, without having to worry about distance and travel. 

Our support series cover a wide variety of cavernoma and CAUK related topics, whether it be a simple ‘Coffee and a chat’ session, a relevant medical or research update, or a personal story from a patient or carer. 

We even host interactive sessions for our CaverFamily community.

Our webinars are accessible free of charge to all members, whether you are a patient, family member, carer or friend.

We’re always looking for ideas on topics for presentations and for volunteer speakers to share their unique cavernoma stories – if you are have any suggestions or you would like to volunteer as a speaker, please get in touch by using the contact form below.

You can find recordings of some of our webinars on the link below, 


At CAUK we understand that the effects of living with cavernoma go beyond just the physical symptoms; coping with this chronic condition can affect your mental and emotional wellbeing too. 

Whether you have a cavernoma yourself or care for someone that does, life can often feel exhausting and overwhelming.

That’s why we offer a range of therapy services, including both one-to-one and small-group sessions, for members affected by cavernoma.

Our therapy service is run by fully qualified therapist, Robyn Hughes, who is experienced in working with cavernoma patients, as well as parents, siblings and carers. 

For more information please visit our therapy webpage

Carers Support

Here at CAUK we know how important the whole family are when it comes to caring for someone with Cavernoma. We understand that having a sibling, parent or family member with Cavernoma can be challenging and stressful and can lead to feeling isolated and alone. But you are not alone.

Our Carers are very important to us and we offer a wide range of support services to help you feeling supported, listened to and most importantly, included in the Cavernoma Community.  Please get in touch using Contact Us to find out more and to access our helpline.


Some of the support we offer;

  • Practical and Emotional Support.
  • 1:1 Therapy 
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Caverbuddies for long-term support
  • Webinars specific to carers needs
  • Networking with other organisations to share information and provide further support