DVLA Advice

This information is a summary of the information available on the DVLA website regarding driving after a first seizure and/or with a diagnosis of epilepsy.

The DVLA are continuously reviewing their documentation, so we always advise checking with them directly.

Please note,

  • You must tell DVLA if you’ve had any epileptic seizures or blackouts. For more guidance on Epilepsy or driving after a seizure see our dedicated page
  • You must notify the DVLA of your Cavernoma Diagnosis, even if your cavernoma/s is asymptomatic
  • Failure to notify the DVLA could result in your driving licence being revoked, a fine or your insurance being invalidated.

Unfortunately, there are no clear cut or immediate decisions regarding the ability to drive if you begin to suffer from epilepsy as a result of your Cavernoma.

There are some actions that must be taken immediately;

  • You must tell DVLA if you’ve been diagnosed with Cavernoma. (You will find Cavernoma on the DVLA’s A-Z list of medical conditions under ‘Angioma’)
  • If advised by your doctor, or if you’ve had a seizure, you must stop driving straight away (see our Epilepsy page for further guidance).

Ultimately, being honest with the DVLA and informing them quickly of your circumstance is likely to make your position clearer and more manageable in the future. We therefore advise you to get in touch with the DVLA as soon as possible.

Typically you will be without your licence for at least 6 to 12 months, depending on your diagnosis and doctor’s opinion. 

How do you inform the DVLA?

You can use the DVLA website to report your condition to complete the form B1.