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Top Tips for Travel Insurance with Cavernoma

Travel insurance is about more than claiming money back from a flight delay or lost luggage; it exists to ensure that you can afford proper medical care and treatment when you are travelling abroad. It is an essential part of any trip.

We know that if you have a cavernoma and associated conditions/symptoms, finding insurance can be tricky; premiums go up, your condition is excluded or you are refused altogether. Our guide will help ensure that you and your family find the travel insurance you need so that you can enjoy your travels, stress-free!

Why is it important to get the right cover?

If you travel without the right insurance or do not declare your cavernoma, and any associated conditions/symptoms you may have, you will not be covered for medical care or treatment should you need it while travelling abroad. This could leave you with expensive bills to pay should you cancel your trip for medical reasons or require emergency assistance while abroad.

What should I tell my travel insurer about my cavernoma and associated conditions/symptoms?

It is really important that you disclose full details of your medical condition when purchasing your policy. Failing to include information about your cavernoma AND any condition or symptoms related to your cavernoma (e.g. epilepsy, stroke, tremors, visual impairment, immobility etc*) could invalidate your policy.
When applying for insurance you must answer all questions accurately and honestly; when you are asked about your condition you must be forthcoming.
Make sure that you are covered for ‘cavernoma’ and any associated conditions specifically – do not assume that ‘tumour’ covers cavernoma.

How much does it cost?

Travel insurance premiums vary considerably; how much you pay will usually depend on the complexity or severity of your medical condition. The final tariff will also consider various other factors including age, the number of people on the policy and where you are travelling.
Comparing multiple providers will help you to find the best price, but please remember that the cheapest policy might not be the best policy for you. There are many price comparison websites that can help you get an idea on what’s on offer from mainstream insurers.

“Specialist” providers exist to provide more affordable cover for those who struggle to find it via mainstream providers, or have been quoted particularly high premiums.

If you are having difficulty finding an insurer that will cover you, have had your insurance cancelled or can’t find anything affordable, check out the MoneyHelper Travel Insurance Directory to search for FCA approved travel insurers who may be able to cover your condition.

Can I do it all online?

We strongly recommend speaking to an agent, checking your cover and purchasing your policy over the phone. It is important to make sure that your cavernoma and associated conditions/symptoms are clearly stated on your medical declarations and are covered in the policy. Please do not go through an automated or online quote system – always speak to an advisor.

What if my health condition changes after I purchase my policy?

Unfortunately, you cannot presume that any changes in your health condition will be covered by your policy. It’s important to always be transparent and disclose any changes as early as possible. Your insurer will reassess your policy based on any new information it receives, and may decide that no changes are necessary. However, your insurer might also change the terms of your policy, increase your premiums or decide it can no longer cover you.
Exactly what is considered a ‘change in health’ that requires reporting depends on your insurer and on your policy. Always find what counts as a ‘change in health’ that needs to be reported before purchasing your policy.

Should I add my travel companions to my policy?

If you are travelling with a companion/companions who do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, it can be a good idea to add them to your cover. While they are likely to be able to purchase individual travel insurance cheaply through a mainstream policy, there are two possible issues with separate policies;

  1. If you have to cancel your trip because of your cavernoma or associated conditions/symptoms you will be fully covered for losses by your insurer, but your companion/s may not be.
  2. If you require medical assistance while travelling and need to be relocated or returned to the UK you will be fully covered by the insurance, but your companion/s may not be.

We recommend discussing this with your insurer and reading the terms and conditions of your policy carefully before purchasing.

What if I’m really struggling and finding it too difficult to find a policy?

We understand that finding the appropriate cover for your cavernoma can be exhausting and frustrating. If you are having trouble finding cover or require assistance you might like to contact the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) to speak to someone who can help you find insurance for your specific needs.

Don’t lose hope!

Many of our members successfully obtain great cover at reasonable prices every year by following the above advice. Our member CAUK Facebook group is a great place to find out where people have recently obtained cover. You are always welcome to ask one of our CAUK team for further advice at


  • Be completely honest in your medical declaration, even after you’ve purchased your policy

  • Always speak to an advisor on the phone

  • Make sure you are covered for ‘cavernoma’ specifically, and for any associated conditions/symptoms you have as a result. Do not assume that ‘tumour’ covers cavernoma.

  • Compare policies – remember cheapest isn’t always best!

  • Check your insurer’s requirements on reporting changes in health – always disclose health changes at the earliest point.

  • Add your travel companions to your policy (if they don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions)

  • ALWAYS check the small print! Read the terms and conditions very carefully before purchasing.