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Young Carers Action Day: Make Time for Young Carers

Today, March 15th, we come together with organisations across the country to recognise young carers.
Every day, thousands of young people across the UK help look after someone in their family who is ill, disabled or has a mental health problem or an addiction.
It is often extremely difficult for young carers to balance everything they need to do for their caring role alongside all of their schoolwork, studying and general day to day life; these responsibilities and pressures can quickly become overwhelming.
At CAUK, we recognise the mental and emotional impact that caring for family members with cavernoma has on the children and siblings of those affected. That’s why we keep young carers in mind in all that we do; we offer the same support services for all of our young people affected in any way by cavernoma.
We can offer; one to one counselling, tailored support in schools and institutions, residential family weekends, dedicated support phone and email lines… and more!
If you are a young carer, or you know someone who is, and you would like some extra support please contact us today on 01305 213 876 or email