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“My little boy reminds me that the future is bright” – Laura’s Cavernoma Story

31 year old airline captain Laura was diagnosed with a cavernoma in June 2022 just ONE DAY before the early birth of her now 4 month old baby boy Karl-William via C-section. Laura’s situation meant doctors had no choice but to perform brain surgery to remove a bleeding cavernoma shortly after the arrival of her baby.
Laura has kindly shared her cavernoma story to raise awareness of her condition and inspire others in a similar position.

“3 weeks! I can now say I have been a cavernoma survivor for 3 weeks!  I have hesitated a lot to share my story, but now I think it is the right time…

Just one day before the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with a cavernoma that was inducing bleeding in my brain.  As part of the doctor’s plan to save me and my unborn child, my little boy was brought into this world far earlier than planned, via C-section.  My journey since that day has been a difficult mix between the joy of welcoming a healthy beautiful baby, and the scary unknowns of the future.

Unfortunately, the bad news kept coming as the “thing in my head”, my cavernoma, continued to grow and bleed, to the point where brain surgery to remove the cavernoma was the only option.

As I write this, it’s been 3 weeks since my surgery. I had to leave my 3 month old baby boy at home, packing my hospital bag not knowing if I could see him again, or what condition I would be in when I cam home to be his mummy. I wrote him a letter … just in case.

When I came around after a long brain surgery I couldn’t see clearly – I’d lost partial vision in one eye. Thankfully this has improved significantly, and will continue to improve with the rehabilitation programme I am following.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to fly a plane again, but what I know is that I will be able to be a mum, and a wife, and for this I am forever grateful.
Life from now on will be different, but I intend on fighting for it and enjoying every little bit of it. Some days are much harder than others but my little boy reminds me that the future is bright and I am lucky to be part of it.”