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Happy New Year

New Year is traditionally a time of reflection and looking forward: thinking about goals and changes and what we want from the coming months. New Year’s resolutions are talked about, decided upon and probably broken within the first week!

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Looking for the Light

At this time of year, we suddenly find ourselves waking up in the dark. Some days, a sense of gloom hangs around all day. Daylight feels in short supply. How do we make it through these long, dark nights?

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Here Comes Autumn

In a year when the world has been upside down and inside out, nature offers us predictability. Seasons change. The earth moves in relation to the sun and we have less light, less warmth and all around us plants and animals react to reflect this shift.

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One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer – Dealing with Setbacks

Was anyone else enjoying the warmer, sunny days and thinking that the frosty mornings were behind us? I even saw a swallow the other day! But true to form, the British weather has brought us back to icy winds and frost-bitten plants. How do we cope with these variations and setbacks? How do we manage thinking that we have got through a tricky period and suddenly find ourselves in a difficult place again?

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Hopeful Acts: Planting Seeds for the Future

Looking back to this time last year, we were all at the beginning of our lockdown journeys. Suddenly, things we took for granted could no longer happen and we had to adapt to new ways of being. Our latest therapy blog post by Fiona Holiday.

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Get the Kettle On…

It’s January, which is a time for new things, and I’ll be writing a regular (and short!) blog with a focus on emotional wellbeing and thinking about how we can support ourselves and each other. I’d like to think that you will give yourselves a few minutes every now and again to sit down, have a cup of something that you like and take a breath.

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