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£5000 from The Edinburgh Neurology Fund!

As you might be aware, the effect of the COVID19 pandemic has had a profoundly negative impact on charities’ ability to secure access to funding to support their work, particularly for small charities for rare conditions like CAUK.  With competition for grants at an all time high and significant funding being redirected towards dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, it has been difficult for the grants team at CAUK to gain access to funding in the same way they as before the pandemic began.

We are really happy to announce, however, that we have been awarded a very generous sum of £5000 from The Edinburgh Neurology Fund, part of NHS Lothian Charity. This grant comes at a crucial time for CAUK and will go a long way in supporting the work we do at CAUK.

The funds will go towards addressing the shortfall that CAUK are currently experiencing; it will help us maintain our current capacity to support patients with cavernoma and will support CAUK’s work in the CARE pilot trial (the first ever pilot clinical trial for cavernoma, for which CAUK is the patient group). The amount awarded will contribute to staff salaries to support patients, whether or not they are CARE trial participants, until the end of the trial in mid-2023.

This application was written and submitted on behalf of CAUK by Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, who is a long-time patron of CAUK and much respected senior scientific advisor.

Rustam Al-Shahi Salman is an honorary consultant neurologist in NHS Lothian who offers a specialist service for the diagnosis, multidisciplinary team assessment, symptom management, and the complex considerations involved in the neurosurgical or radio-surgical treatment of symptomatic cavernomas. (Learn more about Prof Salman here )

We are so grateful to our friend, Prof Salman, for securing these crucial funds, for his work on the CARE study, and for his continued support of CAUK and the cavernoma community.

Thank you The Edinburgh Neurology Fund, part of NHS Lothian Charity, for helping us to Save our Services.