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Covid-19 & Vaccination Update

Current Results from the AA Covid-19 Survey

Angioma Alliance (our USA sister organisation) have just published the current outcomes from the Covid-19 Survey that they have organised, and to which members of CAUK have contributed, for which many thanks.

Their report can be seen at:

The report concludes “There is no reason to believe that CCM patients react any differently to these vaccines than the general population, and no scientific basis to fear the vaccine more than COVID-19, which has taken or interfered with so many lives. We strongly recommend that the CCM patient community seek vaccination through any one of the approved vaccines, including any recommended follow-up doses.

Covid-induced thrombosis

Recent evidence published in the British Medical Journal looked at complications up to 28 days after being either vaccinated or infected with Covid. It found that the risk of being hospitalised or dying due to blood clots was very low, and was 200 times greater for those catching Covid than for those being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. The risks are lower with the Pfizer vaccine.

In other words, if you are concerned about reports of getting thrombosis from vaccination, be much more concerned about getting thrombosis from Covid itself. Get vaccinated.