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Former CAUK Trustee, Emily Fletcher, donated £5000 to CAUK after challenging marathon walk!

Emily had always dreamed of running a marathon. Sadly her hopes were dashed when she was diagnosed with a 4.5cm cavernoma in her left temporal lobe. While the operation to remove her cavernoma in 2009 was successful, Emily was left with epilepsy and loss of fine motor skills and sensation on her left side.

Years later, with great determination to achieve her goal of finishing a marathon, Emily decided to take on the challenge of walking a marathon in her beautiful home – Maine, New England (USA). Emily walks with difficulty, and has a nerve stimulator fitted around her waist, so this was no easy feat.

On August 9th, unsure how far she would make it or what her body would allow, Emily set off “determined to give it a massive go”. We’re so happy to report that, 10 hours and 26.2 miles later, cheered on by friends and family, Emily crossed the finish line!

We are so grateful that, as a result of this epic fundraising challenge, Emily has donated a whopping £5000 to CAUK.

Emily is a great friend and support to CAUK, having served as a trustee while living in London from 2013 – 2018. She has been involved in numerous fundraising initiatives over the years; she completed a 2013 half-marathon walk for CAUK, and was the first person to donate to our recent COVID-19 recovery fund.

We can’t thank Emily enough for her generous and constant support! Congratulations on this incredible achievement.