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New Volunteer School Liaison Officer

CAUK is proud to announce our new Volunteer School Liaison Officer. We’ll let her introduce herself in her own words;

About me

I am Cherie and I am a Cavernoma mummy and also a qualified teacher with over 20 Years’ experience. I know personally that sometimes our young people need a little extra support to get the very best out of their education. Some may require a Care Plan to support their health needs, others an IEP Individual Education Plan and a few require more specific support set down through an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

what I’ll be doing

I will support and guide you through both the expected and legal obligation the school and local authority have to support your child. I will look at reasonable adjustments and will explore pathways all the way up to and beyond EHCP. I can offer telephone consultations, 1.1 meetings and even support you with approaching the school to have those initial conversations. This support Is available to all children impacted by Cavernoma. Patient or Carer I am happy to help and work alongside the CAUK team to ensure you get the best support for your children.

What experience do I have

I have trained in primary, secondary and special education and I have held a number of roles in both mainstream and alternative education, including pastoral lead, SENDCo and Head of School. As well as my qualified teacher status I also have 2 degrees, postgraduate in Education Law, SENCo qualified and am currently undertaking a 2nd masters in Education of Care Experienced Children. I now work for the local authority in education and oversee the education of all children in care as well as delivering training for a number of professionals including initial teacher training.

Best of all though, I am a mum who has walked the path of EHCP after a Cavernoma diagnosis and had a positive outcome.

Just email to find out more and I look forward to meeting you.