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Sonia Alex & Sam’s £10,000 Tough Mudder Challenge for CAUK!

CAUK member Sonia’s father was diagnosed with a Cavernoma in 2007. Before his eventual diagnosis doctors continually sent him away and ignoring his symptoms, putting it down to paranoia. He was told that he’d be banned from the doctor’s surgery if he continued to come back for the same issue.

He was inevitably hospitalised and had to undergo brain surgery, which changed his life forever.

In honour of her father, our lovely members Sonia, Alex & Sam will be taking part in an epic 15km (9.3 mile) Tough Mudder event featuring 30 gruelling obstacles, in the hope of raising £10,000 for the cavernoma community & CAUK.

Please help Sonia fundraise and help raise awareness of cavernoma so that doctors can spot this condition sooner, and so that no-one has to go through what her father did.

Visit her Just Giving Page and consider donating today or sharing their important story.

If you would like to help support the cavernoma community and fundraise for CAUK please contact us.. We will be on hand to support you from start to finish to make the most out of your experience. We can help you generate ideas, set up your fundraising page and support you on social media – and we’ll throw in some snazzy CAUK goodies to wear and share while you fundraise!

Start your fundraising campaign now – every little helps!