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Elliot Langstaff – My Experience with Gamma Knife Surgery

Do you have questions about Gamma Knife surgery also called Stereotactic radiosurgery?

This is a lesser known treatment for cavernoma sometimes offered when standard surgery cannot take place. In the webinar recorded here Elliot Langstaff one of our CaverFamilies young members shares his positive experience with Gamma Knife Surgery.

As a result of his cavernoma bleeding, Elliot was left with severe stroke symptoms at a young age; he lost most of his hearing and sight, his speech was slurred and he lost most use of his arm and leg on one side.

Two years after diagnosis, Elliot and his family decided to go ahead with Gamma Knife surgery in Sheffield.

Throughout this webinar he will share his experience of the procedure, and how it has led to him making a wonderful recovery allowing him to lead a much improved life.

Below is a link to Elliot’s webinar, and some scans and photos provided by Elliot to go along with his talk.