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Coronavirus Vaccine Advice

Important Update regards Covid-19 Vaccine

Please read the following. Guidelines received from the Angioma Alliance Scientific Advisory Board. CAUKS Medical Advisor Dr. Rustam Al-Shahi Salman from the University of Edinburgh Neurology, has signed to confirm this guidance and information. Any questions please send to

Consensus Statement by the Angioma Alliance Scientific Advisory Board About the COVID-19 Vaccine

With anticipated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available. Based on exceptional effectiveness data (greater than 90% protection from COVID-19 illness), the durability of benefit after a recommended second dose, and minimal reported side effects in multiple phases of testing of each vaccine, we strongly recommend that the CCM patient community seek vaccination through any one of the approved vaccines, including any recommended follow-up dose. There is no reason to believe that CCM patients will react any differently to these vaccines than the general population, and no scientific basis to fear the vaccine more than COVID-19, which has taken or interfered with so many lives.

If you or a loved one with CCM have tested positive for COVID-19, please share your contact information through our CCM COVID Patient Registry. One of our staff will reach out to you for more information.

The evidence, from Angioma Alliance’s Covid Registry, is that you are no more at risk of Covid-19 for having a cavernoma, nor that your cavernoma symptoms are worse if you catch Covid-19. CAUK works with Angioma Alliance on this matter.


Should you be unfortunate enough to catch the coronavirus, then please join the Angioma Alliance Covid-19 Registry at:

Angioma Alliance Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Issam Awad, Chair,
Angioma Alliance Scientific Advisory Board
University of Chicago Neurosurgery

Dr. Kelly Flemming
Mayo Clinic Rochester Neurology

Dr. Helen Kim
UCSF Anesthesia

Dr. Rustam Al-Shahi Salman
University of Edinburgh Neurology, UK

Dr. Kevin Whitehead
University of Utah Cardiology

Dr. Atif Zafar
St. Michael’s Hospital Neurology, Toronto

Dr. Brent Derry
Hospital for Sick Children Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Program, Toronto

Dr. Angeliki Louvi
Yale University Department of Neurosurgery and Neurosciences