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Our first ‘Go For It’ challenges


To launch our brand new fundraising campaign we wanted to tell you about two of our amazing CAUK supporters, Margaret and Dave, and the challenges they’re taking on for our new campaign. We hope they inspire you to join in and GO FOR IT!

Remember, if you’d like to get involved please email or telephone 01305213876

Margaret’s GO FOR IT!

We’re so excited that out first GO FOR IT! challenge is being taken on by world indoor rowing champion, Margaret Greenhall. Marvellous Margaret, aged 51 from Bury, Lancashire will be rowing an astonishing 1,000,000 meters (yes, that’s ONE MILLION!) in around two weeks to set a new world record!

Margaret, who holds numerous British, European and World indoor rowing titles, was inspired to take on this mammoth challenge by her friend’s daughter, Iona, who has multiple cavernomas and other complex medical issues Margaret first met CAUK volunteer Ann Atkins, a fellow champion indoor rower on the rowing circuit several years ago and on hearing about her brave daughter, Iona, has now used her rowing skills to help fundraise and raise awareness of Iona’s conditions.

Margaret said, “Iona is such a courageous girl. She has been through an enormous amount in her life so I am happy to help such a great cause. I know that this challenge is going to be tough but any tiredness or discomfort will be temporary unlike the lifetime of pain and issues that can be suffered by people with cavernomas.”

We can’t wait to see how Margaret gets on!

Dave’s GO FOR IT!

Dave Overy and his lovely family are long-time members of CAUK and CaverFamilies in particular. Having previously run the London Marathon (2016) and cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats in 9 days (2018), Dave is a veteran fundraiser for CAUK!

This year, he’s decided to set an even bigger challenge of virtually running/walking back to Land’s End (874 miles!) over the course of 12 months. This means he’ll be running 16 miles every week for a whole year – no mean feat for someone who says he doesn’t really like running!

Dave first came to CAUK for support when his daughter was diagnosed with having multiple cavernomas at just 14 months old. She’d started having seizures and the family took multiple trips to A&E before she was finally diagnosed. Soon after this first shocking diagnosis in the family, his wife discovered that she also had multiple cavernomas.

Of CAUK, Dave says “CAUK are a charity that support their members with events, therapies, helplines etc and our lifeline the Caverfamilies. This is a growing group of people who have either children who suffer with cavernoma or family members with them. Caverfamiles run residential events that we as a family have attended in the past. For us going the these events we get to spend time with others who understand us. They know our worries about our kids. And most importantly our kids spend time with others who know what they are going through, they don’t feel alone. We always have the best time with these guys. In order for these events to happen CAUK rely on fundraisers like me. So please help me to help them by donating as little or as much as you can.

Email to get involved in GO FOR IT! or visit our donation page https://cavernoma/donate

Best of luck to both of our fundraisers. You can follow Margaret and Dave’s progress, as well as all other CAUK and cavernoma related news and updates, over on our social media channels.