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The CAUK Team is expanding

Joanne Noakes has been working as our CEO for the past few months now as well as carrying on with her role as Caverfamilies Coordinator. It has become very clear that with the charity growing in size everyday; and with an increased demand for support and resources this would not be sustainable long-term. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have a new staff member re-joining the team.

Angela Seymour will be taking over as Caverfamilies Coordinator from Monday 8th March. Some of you may know Angela from the early days of CAUK when she worked as a support coordinator for Adults and Children. I hope you will join us in welcoming Anji back to CAUK and wish her all the best with her new position.

The team and I are delighted that Angela is returning. Angela brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge and a great understanding of how to support people affected by cavernoma. Her enthusiasm and hard-working nature will be an asset to the team and a wonderful addition to our growing Caverfamilies community. I am excited for CAUK and our members. This will provide consistency and an opportunity to further develop our support capabilities, Angela is going to be fantastic!                   

Joanne Noakes, CEO – CAUK