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We are thrilled to welcome our very first CAUK intern, Iona Atkins.

Iona is joining our small team in May and will be assisting in the generation and maintenance of many of the day-to-day tasks within the organisation, gaining exposure and invaluable experience across the different sectors of the charity. She’ll be helping with delivery of support, running events, maintenance of social media, fundraising and charity governance.

This role forms part of our CAUK Pilot Internship Scheme, a programme designed to provide a productive work experience opportunity for young people with cavernoma, in an environment where they will feel supported and understood.

Here’s a little message from Iona herself;

“Hi, I’m Iona. I’m CAUK’s new intern. I have 4 cavernomas caused by late effects of radiation to treat a brain tumour. My cavernomas became symptomatic in 2020 and cause seizures and fatigue. I am really excited to start this internship as I am passionate about raising awareness of cavernomas and providing support to those with cavernomas and ultimately trying to find a cure. I look forward to potentially speaking and working with you all.”

Good Luck & welcome Iona!