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Brain Surgery during COVID-19 Lockdown

Join one of our members, Judith Nelson, in one of our recorded webinars that covers in some detail her cavernoma journey. Judith talks about her initial diagnosis resulting from a series of epileptic seizures, through attempts to manage symptoms with medication and up to the recent decision and carrying out of surgery. She then talks about the difficulties of deciding on surgery and the complications of being in hospital during COVID-19. Her presentation ends with an update of her recovery along with hopes, aims and plans for the future.

You can download Judith’s presentation here and watch her webinar below.


Judith Nelson PortraitAbout the author; Judith Nelson is 38 years old and lives in Newcastle with her husband and two cats. Born and bred in in Liverpool, she enjoys reading, playing the flute and throughout her adult life has been heavily involved in charity and youth work. She was diagnosed in Dec 2012 with a single cavernoma, and currently has 6 confirmed.