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David’s Birthday Fundraiser; £8000 for 80 years

David’s Birthday Fundraiser; £8000 for 80 years

Our wonderful science advisor and all-round key player at CAUK, David White CBE, is turning 80 years old!

David is a cell biologist by background and during his working life he carried out research that touched on areas important in understanding the science of cavernoma. He is truly excited by how our understanding makes finding a cure for cavernoma increasingly realistic – hence the title of CAUK’s ambitious plan “Caver-no-more-2030” and his science blog on the website.

Recently he has also been instrumental in the success of the Care Trial funding application and has been educating CAUK members on all things cavernoma through his science webinar and well as his a for mentioned blog.

As well as spending many an hour on all things CAUK he is carer to his partner Pat who developed epilepsy in about 2006 which was later in 2007, attributed to a cavernoma in her right temporal lobe.

David says “We found Cavernoma Alliance on the web and, with it, Ian Stuart. Through Ian, meeting so many other members, clinicians and other experts at the Forum and other

meetings, we learned about practical matters especially after Pat’s cavernoma bled in 2009. Our deep gratitude to CAUK has driven my desire to pay back the immense benefit Pat and I obtained from being part of this wonderful charity and all the many friendships we have made.”


Since joining CAUK David has been a trustee, its chairperson and has had a short spell as Chief Executive, so has always been an intimate part of this community and we all say long may it continue.

David has seen CAUK expand amazingly since the early 2000’s. He would love you to join his campaign for his 80th birthday to raise funds as a thank you for the wonderful support that CAUK has provided to us all since its foundation in 2005.

We have discussed the use of the funds we hope to raise with David and he says “I am thrilled that some of the funds we raise will be for a Science Prize to be awarded to early-career scientists for work relating to cavernoma as part of that search for a cure.” He is also very supportive of Jo, our wonderful new CEO who he says “has been developing the support we provide in imaginative ways, particularly with the changes imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic” and with his support she has decided that the bulk of the funds will go towards improving our helpline and ability to maintain contact and support members in their hours of need.

We’ll be hosting a number of events and activities over the coming weeks and months to help David reach his target and we hope that you’ll get involved in all the fun! In the meantime the fundraising page is open for donations and can be found at