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NEW INFORMATION LEAFLETS: Join our #ShareAndMakeAware Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new & improved Cavernoma Information Leaflets!

Why are PILs important?

Giving a patient a PIL immediately offers them the chance to participate in their own care; the information included in a leaflet allows a patient to better understand their diagnosis, treatment options and the support that is available to them. This ultimately helps patients make more informed decisions.

Quality information not only benefits patients, but helps clinicians too – particularly when dealing with rare conditions like cavernoma. Sharing information among medical professionals who may not have come across cavernoma benefits all of us. Sharing information and educating medical professionals about cavernoma contributes to efficiency of care and helps ensure that future patients receive the very best care possible.

Our leaflets

Our new and improved leaflet provides easy to understand information about cavernoma – including information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and about CAUK, the support we offer and how to contact us.

You can now view and download these leaflets on our website.

Help us #Share&MakeAware

Our aim is to disseminate our cavernoma patient information leaflets in as many locations as possible across the UK – from medical facilities like GP surgeries and neurology departments, to businesses and local communities.

Can you help?  Order a bundle of leaflets today and we’ll deliver them to you (free of charge) so that you can drop them off at your local GP surgery or hospital at your next appointment and help us raise vital awareness of cavernoma.
Just email to order your bundle.

Let’s work together to educate as many people as possible about this rare condition!

To view all of our downloadable information leaflets (including spinal cavernoma, genetics & cavernoma, incidental cavernoma) please click here