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Everything you wanted to know about Cavernoma, but were too afraid to ask with Mr Diederik Bulters

Here you can view our ‘hugely popular’ recorded webinar with Mr Diederik Bulters – Consultant Neurosurgeon entitled ‘Everything you wanted to know about Cavernoma, but were too afraid to ask’.

Here Mr Bulters gives an excellent introduction into the basics of Cavernoma and answers many of the daily questions anyone living with or affected by Cavernoma may have. If you are newly diagnosed, interested in finding out more about symptoms and effects of Cavernoma, have questions or decisions to make around Surgery, then this is a great starting point for sourcing information.

Warning : there are three images of Brain Surgery that some people may find difficult to view

About the Author

Mr Bulters is a consultant neurosurgeon specialising in neurovascular neurosurgery (treating conditions of the blood vessels in the brain and spine).

After completing his fellowship in Cambridge, he worked as a consultant neurosurgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital before moving back to Southampton.

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