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“This really is every mum’s worst nightmare but I know both my boys are so strong and we can get through this as a family” – Lyndsey’s Cavernoma Story

I was first diagnosed with my Cavernoma when I was 18.

I was out shopping and felt completely normal – the next thing all I could see was the bottom of a clothing rail.  It then felt like I was opening and closing my eyes continuously. I realised I was in an ambulance, and I then remember being rushed down a hospital corridor, then to a hospital room.

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“The thought of having brain surgery was really scary especially as I was expecting a baby in just a couple of months” Jake’s Cavernoma Story

My name is Jake Mellor, I am 31 years old and had a right frontal lobe symptomatic cavernoma. Here is my cavernoma story….
I had a seizure on the 24th of September whilst I was getting into bed to watch TV. My partner found me on the floor with blood on my face (I had bitten the inside of my mouth), I was sweating, very confused and couldn’t walk or talk properly. The next day I took my blood pressure which was extremely low, and I generally felt unwell. I originally thought it was due to stress and tiredness with having my own carpentry business, but I couldn’t shake it off so on Monday the 26th of September I ended up in hospital at A&E.

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