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They said No, I said Yes! with Will Sears

Will is an inspirational 14 year old member of CAUK through the Caverfamiles group. In this webinar where he is accompanied by his mum, he shares the story of his cavernoma and epilepsy journey and how he continues to live a full, exciting and happy life doing the things he loves, despite his condition

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Elliot Langstaff – My Experience with Gamma Knife Surgery

Do you have questions about Gamma Knife surgery also called Stereotactic radiosurgery? This is a lesser known treatment for cavernoma sometimes offered when standard surgery cannot take place. In the webinar recorded here Elliot Langstaff one of our CaverFamilies young members shares his positive experience with Gamma Knife Surgery.

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Home Learning Resources

We have spoken to a number of teaching staff, done a little research and have put together a few resources which may help you to help your children. Hopefully it might take the pressure off by showing you some new ideas, offer support and show you that you are doing a great job.

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Get the Kettle On…

It’s January, which is a time for new things, and I’ll be writing a regular (and short!) blog with a focus on emotional wellbeing and thinking about how we can support ourselves and each other. I’d like to think that you will give yourselves a few minutes every now and again to sit down, have a cup of something that you like and take a breath.

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